Career as a Medical Scientist


What a medical scientist does?

The basic job of a medical scientist is to study human diseases and their various conditions and to develop ways and measures so as to improve human health in all respects.

In his or her research related work, a medical scientist tries to find out the sources behind the occurrence of a disease and then tries developing safety and precautionary measures so as to control or prevent them.

Need of a Medical Scientist  

 The field of medicine has advanced to newer levels. If statistics is to be believed, there were as many as 100,000 recruitments of medical scientist all over the word in the year 2010 alone. In the present times there have been around 1.41 lakh recruitments been ìåéä all over the world as medical scientists?

From the facts above it can be simply analyzed what an alluring job it is to be a medical scientist. Medical scientists are usually employed by various pharmacy companies, hospitals, scientific research and development firms.

Presently, in these times, medical scientists are usually found working in a laboratory or an office. There are both full times as well as part time positions available for a medical scientist job. However there are several risks involved in this job, pertaining to the handling of dangerous medical samples, but then with a watchful attitude the risks involved can be mitigated.

Requirements for Becoming a Medical Scientist


The most basic requirement to conceive an idea to become a medical scientist is to opt for bachelors in biology or a related subject. The other ancillary subjects can be mathematics, physics, chemistry or any other life science subject.

After finishing one’s bachelors degree one can move two ways. He/she can either choose doing a PhD in pathology, genetics, biostatistics and bioinformatics which takes around six years complete or a joint MD-PhD program can be chosen at a medical college which takes around seven to eight years to get completed.

-Additional Requirements

A person needs to have a registered license so as to take up patients as a physician. A person seeking for a license must pass a license exam and is also required to have a medical degree from a reputed medical college. Your experience and dexterity counts pretty well when assessing your success in the practical field. Good communication skills are a necessary requirement as a large number of grants and publishing work are to be done during your study period. Then some other erstwhile desired qualities are- be a critical thinker, have a rational thinking ability, data analysis.

The career as medical scientists is full of challenges, but it gives you distinct opportunities at different points of time to advance in your life. With experiences and lessons learnt, a medical scientist suitably advances to do research with a larger open budget.

-Expectation in the Job Sector

There is tremendous boom in the sector of medicine. It has been service aptly remarked that medicine and pharmacy are the two major sectors which are not doomed by the storms of recession. In the coming times, the prospects for medical scientists in any part of the world are immense. As per the US Bureau of labor Statistics, the occupation of medical scientist is expected to grow at a faster rate till 2020.

In a nutshell the career as a medical scientist is quite promising, though it is challenging on several aspects.

According to the 2013-14 times higher education world university’s rankings clinical, preclinical and health, a comprehensive list of world’s top universities has been created to begin a career as a medical scientist. These universities deliver world class education in the field of teaching, research knowledge transfer and international outlook.

Some of the world’s best universities and colleges where medical education can be taken are listed below.

University of Oxford
Harvard University
University of Cambridge
Imperial College of London
Stanford University
Columbia University
University of California
Boston University

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